Thoughtful production

Recycled fabrics and a committed approach.

At Cityrideuz, we select our raw materials for their technical characteristics and durability. We use recycled fabrics as much as possible: all our linings are 100% recycled. Just as the softshell fabric used for the Holly overskirt model is also 100% recycled.

Our wish is to reuse the existing. Creating timeless and sustainable products.

The production.

A French design, thanks to our stylists, model makers and communication officers. Our entire team is split between Paris and Bordeaux. This does not prevent our team from being united.

The Cityrideuz textile industry requires unique expertise in the manufacture of technical products. In addition, the majority of technical fabrics are manufactured in Asia. This is why the idea of creating a “short production circuit” in the Jiangsu region of China seemed obvious to us. This means that all the raw materials needed to make our products are produced within 500km of the factory that assembles the finished product. We have sought quality and experience in a carefully selected factory that respects its workers and meets strict specifications.

We also aim to create timeless and durable products. In order not to overproduce, our collections are made in small quantities and sent to France by boat in a single shipment. It is then in our Bordeaux office that we check the quality of the finished product one last time. It is thanks to this entire process that we can guarantee you the highest level of quality.

The packaging.

We are committed to creating more sustainable and responsible fashion. Our products are now packaged in recycled and recyclable plastic blister packs. However, our future packaging is currently under development: discover soon at Cityrideuz reusable fabric packaging: small practical pockets!

Paiement en 4 fois sans frais disponible - Retour offert en France et Belgique


Génération 1:

C’est la toute première génération de notre produit. Afin de pouvoir l’améliorer, n’hésitez pas à nous faire un retour sur le produit par mail :

Generation 1:

This is the very first generation of our product. In order to improve it, do not hesitate to send us feedback on the product by email:

Génération 2:

- Changement de la bande contrastante en bande réfléchissante
- Changement de la poche de rangement avec l'ajout de bandoulières et d'un print
- Suppression des bandes contrastantes à la taille
- Ajout d'un élastique pour le séchage
- Ajout d'une broderie dos
- Changement des tailles pour couvrir plus de morphologie

Génération 1:

Venez découvrir notre première génération la Holly V1 !

Generation 2:

- Changed the contrasting stripe to reflective stripe
- Changed the storage pocket with the addition of shoulder straps and a print
- Removed contrasting stripes at the waist
- Added an elastic band for drying
- Added embroidery on the back
- Changed sizes to cover more body types

Generation 1:

Come and discover our first generation Holly V1 !

Holly V1:

We have already released the 2nd generation, come and discover it from now !

Holly V1:

Nous avons déjà sortie la 2ème génération, venez la découvrir dès maintenant !

Génération 2:

- Changement du dos, passage à 1 bavolet
- Ajout d'une tablette dos réversible pour la visibilité
- Modification de la ceinture centrale pour qu'elle soit réversible pour la visibilité
- Modification des ceintures poignets pour qu'elles soient réversibles pour la visibilité
- Modification de la capuche avec l'ajout de tissu réfléchissant à l'intérieur
- Modification du mode sur-jupe pour augmenter la visibilité
- Longueur totale plus longue pour mieux couvrir les jambes
- Ajout d'une taille 0

Génération 1:

Venez découvrir notre première génération le trench Aurore v1 !

Guide des tailles / Mensuration / Trench Aurore / Francais
Guide tailles Aurore V2
Guide des tailles / Cape Maddie / Mensurations / Francais