What could be better than trying on your overskirt? Find out more about our partner retailers and come to the shop to put on one of our models and adopt it. This makes it easier to find the right size for you and be sure of the colour you like. No waiting for delivery, no stress in case of wrong order or return, in short simplify your life, find the dealer nearest you.

Citybike cityrideuz bike dealer

CitiBike Ancenis

Discover our retailer near Nantes: Citibike Ancenis offers you our Clara (mid-season) and Holly (winter) overskirts. Sophie and her team welcome you to the shop and repair all types of bikes in their workshop. Take advantage of your visit to Citibike to discover many electric bike models!

CitiBike Caen

The largest selection of electrically assisted bicycles in Normandy. 400m2 of bicycles and cycling equipment. Meet Quentin’s passionate, professional and dynamic team who will be able to advise you. Discover our latest generation of overskirts,the winter (Holly) and mid-season (Clara) models, just waiting to be tried on!

Goupil mobilité

Goupil Mobilité, specialist in urban electric eco-mobility, wishes to free up and facilitate your daily travel.

BHV Marais Paris


MOBICITY, the space dedicated to mobility at BHV Paris. The perfect place to find a wide range of accessories associated with urban travel. MOBICITY has a collection of electric bicycles that fit the urban lifestyle, while remaining stylish. Foldable, light and comfortable bikes! Find in their range of bike accessories the Cityrideuz winter overskirts. The Holly model is waiting for you on their shelves, so go and try it out.


Drop offers a unique shopping experience with an atypical concept.
So go and make your own opinion and discover their selection of products.
Their range of bike accessories is completed byour Cityrideuz overskirts. The Hollyand Claramodels are waiting for you in their shelves, go and try them.

Je suis à vélo -  dealer - cityrideuz - bike - woman

Je Suis à Vélo

JE SUIS À VÉLO is a young company that is committed to a new way of travelling and a more ecological city. Discover their selection of eco-responsible products and/or products with an innovative concept and a real utility. Among all these smart and aesthetic equipments that improve the life of all city cyclists, you will find 2 of our3 ranges of overskirts: summer (Alicia model), winter first (Holly v1) and new generation (Holly v2).

Vélo tafeur - dealer - cityrideuz


Vélotafeur offers you a selection of quality cycling equipment. They only work with selected brands to offer the best to their customers. The Cityrideuz overskirts are among the 300 products currently listed on the site. Discover ourClara model, the mid-season overskirton their website!


The giant Darty now offers Cityrideuz overskirts for sale. Find 2 of our new overskirt ranges: Clara and Holly (mid-season and winter).

Décathlon Belgique

Cityrideuz overskirts have made their mark at Decathlon Belgium. They are now part of the Belgian product catalogue. Discover our Clara and Holly models, the mid-season and winter overskirt on their website!

Florismoo -  dealer - cityrideuz - bike - woman


As a bicycle enthusiast, Erik Ooms, opens a Dutch e-commerce site offering niche products from the bicycle industry. Most of the products come from small foreign brands, the products are not available in every shop, which guarantees exclusivity. Find our winter overskirts, model Holly first generation at Florismoo !

1001 Innovations

1001innovations.com, offers you items that improve our daily life. Discover areas as varied as high-tech leisure, the home, the outdoors, and of course sports. Find our Clara (mid-season) and Holly (winter) overskirts at 1001 innovations!

Do you have a shop in mobility?

Resell our innovative product and meet a primary need of your cycling customers. The Cityrideuz overskirt is effective in protecting against rain and cold. Discover our models and contact us for distribution details.

Paiement en 4 fois sans frais disponible - Retour offert en France et Belgique


Génération 1:

C’est la toute première génération de notre produit. Afin de pouvoir l’améliorer, n’hésitez pas à nous faire un retour sur le produit par mail : contact@cityrideuz.com.

Generation 1:

This is the very first generation of our product. In order to improve it, do not hesitate to send us feedback on the product by email: contact@cityrideuz.com.

Génération 2:

- Changement de la bande contrastante en bande réfléchissante
- Changement de la poche de rangement avec l'ajout de bandoulières et d'un print
- Suppression des bandes contrastantes à la taille
- Ajout d'un élastique pour le séchage
- Ajout d'une broderie dos
- Changement des tailles pour couvrir plus de morphologie

Génération 1:

Venez découvrir notre première génération la Holly V1 !

Generation 2:

- Changed the contrasting stripe to reflective stripe
- Changed the storage pocket with the addition of shoulder straps and a print
- Removed contrasting stripes at the waist
- Added an elastic band for drying
- Added embroidery on the back
- Changed sizes to cover more body types

Generation 1:

Come and discover our first generation Holly V1 !

Holly V1:

We have already released the 2nd generation, come and discover it from now !

Holly V1:

Nous avons déjà sortie la 2ème génération, venez la découvrir dès maintenant !

Génération 2:

- Changement du dos, passage à 1 bavolet
- Ajout d'une tablette dos réversible pour la visibilité
- Modification de la ceinture centrale pour qu'elle soit réversible pour la visibilité
- Modification des ceintures poignets pour qu'elles soient réversibles pour la visibilité
- Modification de la capuche avec l'ajout de tissu réfléchissant à l'intérieur
- Modification du mode sur-jupe pour augmenter la visibilité
- Longueur totale plus longue pour mieux couvrir les jambes
- Ajout d'une taille 0

Génération 1:

Venez découvrir notre première génération le trench Aurore v1 !

Guide des tailles / Mensuration / Trench Aurore / Francais
Guide tailles Aurore V2
Guide des tailles / Cape Maddie / Mensurations / Francais