The philosophy

Mobility is one of the major challenges of our time and we have a multitude of choices to choose from, whether to go to work or during our holidays. The brand's philosophy: to allow each woman to remain as feminine as she wishes, whatever her choice of mobility. Cityrideuz offers you clothes and accessories to make your urban trips easier.


The story of
our first product:

First of all, I looked at The Bike, which is an important issue for many city dwellers, especially at a time when we are becoming aware of our environmental impact on the planet. This choice was mine, and my use of the bike is daily.
Unfortunately, for women who don't have to be only in pants, putting on a dress or skirt on a bike is quickly complex and discouraging: not too flying, not too tight, not too short..., in short a real pain! After several months of daily use of my bike, I had to systematically adapt my outfits according to the weather, change when I arrived at my workplace, etc.

The overall observation was quite simple: living by bike requires a real organization and is a clothing constraint.
So I started looking for a product that would allow me to ride a bike without worrying about wearing a skirt or dress (which is my case 80% of the time!).

To my great despair, except for 2 solutions (the poupidou, adapted to some types of skirts and the Decathlon rain parka) that did not answer my problems in a very partial way: nothingness... So I started to think, every day while pedalling on my bike, about a product that could finally meet all my expectations...

cityrideuz sur jupe

So the idea of an over-skirt came to me, that you can quickly put on and take off like a garment, above my outfit to save time by avoiding changing and wearing under this "over-skirt" everything I wanted! It was therefore necessary to prototype this "super-skirt....

Long enough at the front to be able to pedal without embarrassment but protect from sight down to below the knee, Shorter at the back so as not to get caught in the spokes, or interfere with the luggage rack, A zip that allows you to put it on and take it off in the blink of an eye, A pocket inside for a laptop and easy storage, Reflective elements to be better seen by motorists.